What’s the difference between silk rope and silk wallpaper?

SILK ROPE: A type of woven fabric made from silk, silk rope has been used for thousands of years... Read More
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When I met my wife, a silk touch

I met her for the first time last year, a few weeks before my wedding day.She was twenty-six and... Read More

Silk Pajamas Bulk for Kids,Silk Flowers bulk for Adults

Silk pajama bulk for kids and silk flowers bulk for adults are two of the best buys in bulk,... Read More

Chinese Silk Touch Minecraft Drops $20 Billion on Chinese Silk Trees

Chinese silk tree is a big deal.The Chinese government has purchased more than 50 million of the plants, which... Read More
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‘We’ve got a problem’: What’s going on with the silk socks that some consumers are getting?

By Sarah Hagerstrom | The Associated PressA man was fined $1,000 after he used the word “silk” to describe... Read More
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Why silk bonnets are not enough for most silkworms

A silk bonnette is a lightweight, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly bonnet for silks that can be worn by any... Read More

Which Silk Products Are You Spending Your Money On?

Silk Road website Silk Pajamas Silk Teeth Silk Toothbrush Silk Panties Silk Pockets Silk Dress Silk Dress Shoes Silk... Read More
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Socks that are silk, but don’t cost a dime

An article that appears in The Globe and Mail on Thursday says a pair of silk socks might be... Read More
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China’s silk-robed elite is making a big splash in Hong Kong

By John T. SmithPublished Feb 05, 2018 05:00:49The world’s most elite Chinese silk-robbing elite has just released a statement... Read More
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How to make a razor with hydro silk thread

The story of how the world’s first hydro silk shaving razor was created is a tale of the dawn... Read More