Girls in silk thailand fashion sets for $1,100

A group of girls in silks, shorts and dresses in Bangkok’s Khao San Road district have created a clothing brand that will be a hit on the street.

The group’s new silk thai set is priced at $1.100 for a set of eight, while a group of boys have a price tag of $500.

“We have worked hard for this, and we want to create something that’s not only stylish but also affordable for girls,” said the group’s founder, a 19-year-old named Svetlana, in a Facebook video.

“It is so much more than what you see in the mall, and it’s a product that everyone can enjoy.”

The silk thia’s designer says she is selling the set for $500 because it is handmade, and that it’s not just for girls.

The girls, who all have long hair, have also made a dress, which cost $400 and was sold for $200.

“Our clothes are meant to be worn, but we are very conscious of what we are wearing,” Svetlanas said.

“In our home, we wear silk as a fashion statement, so we wanted to create an alternative for our friends.”