How to make your own silk spectre: How to create your own silky fibres

What is silk?

What is the fibres used in silk?

That’s the question I’m here to answer.

In this video, I will share my experience in creating my own silks fibres.

And I hope you will enjoy it as well.

I started by making my own silk and after a few attempts, I decided to try my hand at making my silk fibres by using a machine.

I have been using this machine for quite some time now, and it was very interesting to me how it performed and how it can be controlled.

This machine was very well built and very well made.

The quality of the machine is very high, and I think that it was really good to have the machine here.

And so it was a very, very pleasant experience.

And it also gave me the idea to start creating my silks, because I really wanted to know how the machine works and what are the things that I should be looking at, and also, what I should look for.

So I used the machine for a few weeks to get familiar with it.

But it was actually very, really boring.

And as I got to know it, I realised that there were a lot of things that were not really working right.

The machine is a bit slow, it’s noisy and it doesn’t work very well.

So it wasn’t that I had to do anything.

It was that I needed to make a lot more effort to learn the machine.

It wasn’t very hard, but it was tedious.

I was not used to it and so I didn’t like it.

And then I decided, why not do it myself?

So I decided I wanted to do it by myself.

So after a while, I started to work with the machine and then I realised, wow, it really, really works.

And that’s when I decided that I would try my luck with making my silky fibre by hand.

So, I bought a piece of wood and started to make my fibre.

So the next step was to cut the wood, put the wood into a container, put it in a machine and go into the machine to make it.

It worked very well and it made a very nice fibres of a very soft and smooth fibres, so I could make a silky-looking fibres in the same time.

And the next thing that I did was to make the silk fibre in the machine by hand, which took about 15 minutes.

And from that point on, I went to work making my fibres using a sewing machine.

And after about 15-20 minutes of sewing, the silk fiber would come out and would start to look quite silky, and the machine would tell me, ok, we have a nice fibre here, let’s make another fibre, and we’ll try to cut it from the fibre.

And this is when I realised how good this machine was.

And of course, after about 3-4 hours of sewing I was ready to try it with a sewing needle.

So then I started making my cotton, and of course I could not sew cotton with a machine because of the noise, and because of that, I had made a lot noise in my sewing machine that I couldnt really control.

So now I wanted a sewing tool that could be controlled from the machine, so this machine came to me and it is really, it is very nice.

And now I’m using it more and more, because now I can control the machine when I sew with the needle and I can also control it when I make my silk.

So you can see the difference.

Now, the second step was the next one, which is to get my silk to the colour that I wanted.

I had done that by sewing it with the sewing machine, but I realised later that I was sewing it on my own and it looks very, it feels very silky and it feels really nice, so it is actually a very good machine.

The next step is to put the silk fibre into the sewing fabric, and you see that I sew it on a lot.

And here is what I did next.

I wanted the fibre to be soft and it needed to have a little bit of elasticity in it.

So for this, I used a very strong thread, which I think is silk thread, but of course there are different kinds of silk, and different colours of silk thread.

And because of this, the fibre was made to have about 3cm elasticity.

So that is what the colour I wanted was, so the fibre would look silky.

So this was the first step, which was the sewing of the silk.

I would sew the fibre and then when I had it finished, I would put it on the sewing needle and start sewing.

And my sewing technique was very simple, I put the fibre on the needle with the silk thread and the silk would come up, but the