A new silk tooth brush and silk boxers in a Hong Kong store

A new toy and a new silk underwear has been made available in a new Hong Kong shop, after a woman was diagnosed with a rare disease.

The Hong Kong toy store called Silk Tots has been selling a variety of products to the public since the end of May.

Its latest offering is the Silk Toothbrush, a new toy with a unique shape and colours, and Silk Boxers, a series of silks that resemble the ones worn by princesses in Disney movies.

The Silk Tooth Brush and Silk Boxing are available at the shop for HK$50.60 (US$40) each.

A post shared by Silk TOTS (@silktots) on Apr 18, 2018 at 11:30am PDTThe Silk Boxer series of silk underwear are available for HKR5.80 (US $2.90) each at Silk TOT.

The new Silk Tooth brush comes in a variety with a variety number of colours.

A new Silk toothbrush with silver, green and blue colour.

A new Silk boxers.

A silk boxer with a gold and silver colour.

Silk boxer.

A silky silk toothpaste.

A silk box for the ladies.

A box of silk socks.

A Silk toothpaste with a green colour.

A soft silk toothpad.

A shiny silk toothpump.

A Silk toothbrushes.

A cool silk toothbrush with gold and gold colour.

More to come.