Why Silk creamer is a better option for men than silk socks

A new trend is making men wear silk socks.

Silk socks, which have become popular among older men, are also popular among women.

The new trend of men wearing silk socks started with a photo of the late comedian Seth MacFarlane wearing a pair of socks on his feet.

In the photo, MacFarrell, who died last month at the age of 86, is shown wearing a gray silk sock.

“It was so fun to shoot,” MacFari told CNN.

“It was the perfect color, the perfect fit.”

In an interview with the Associated Press, Mac Farrell said his family’s tradition of wearing socks for their entire lives was a big influence on the new sock trend.

His son, Seth Mac, said he wore his socks for years and they were the only thing he wore at work.

He said the socks made him feel like he was home and he could relax.

“It’s the same feeling that a woman’s foot feels when she’s walking,” Seth Mac said.

“A feeling of relaxation, of being alone, of having a little time to yourself.”

Stern is the only company to make a sock with silk fabric, which is a different material than wool.

The company has made silk socks for men and women since the 1970s.