‘We’ve got a problem’: What’s going on with the silk socks that some consumers are getting?

By Sarah Hagerstrom | The Associated PressA man was fined $1,000 after he used the word “silk” to describe his silk pants to a customer at a San Francisco clothing store.

A woman was fined an undisclosed amount after she used the same word on Instagram to describe a silk sock she was wearing.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the pair of fines are among at least 50 violations filed against the company in recent weeks.

The offending Instagram post, which had about 20,000 likes and 3,000 comments, was posted July 8.

In the post, the woman describes her silk socks as “silky” and asks a friend to buy one.

The posting is not being made public because the woman has filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit seeks damages for defamation and breach of contract.

San Francisco police said the woman, identified in court documents only by her first name, was not charged.