All eyes on Silk ties at Supercars Grand Prix – Report

A day after the Supercars season opened, it looks like it may be the last of the silk ties.

It has been reported that a number of the Australian Supercars teams are looking at alternative designs for the new-look clothing.

It is understood that a lot of the teams have been discussing the look of their new look, and there is talk of the new colours, with some even opting for gold and silver.

The new look will not be the first time that silk ties have been used by Australian teams.

For years, teams have used cotton and wool on the race track.

The designs were inspired by the iconic silk tie, which was designed by designer Michael Kors, who was the first designer to incorporate the new tie in his signature designs.

He has a history of creating designs that are both colourful and wearable.

There have been other occasions where the colours of the shirts worn on the track have been chosen in collaboration with the team’s sponsors.

There are also rumours that the teams will be able to change the colours on the front of the shirt.

There is also a possibility that the colours could be changed to match the new design.

The decision to use a different fabric has been made by the team, with the AFL stating that they are considering a number different fabrics, including a cotton and a wool blend.

The colour scheme is being changed from the traditional white, to a dark grey.

The team will be required to provide some new uniforms for the race in 2018, with many teams having worn their old uniforms before the switch to the new fabrics.

If the team wants to keep the old colours, the players will have to wear a different one.

The AFL is not yet aware of any other teams changing the colours, but it is understood there are at least two other teams who are considering this.

The change in colour will have the effect of making the team look more familiar, which is probably not a bad thing.

However, the fact that there are multiple teams in Australia and the world trying to get the new look may be one of the most frustrating aspects of the change.