Silk press hair in India –

Google News has been running an article on India where silk press hairdressers have been making silk hair in an attempt to get the government to pay for the job.

The article mentions a silk press in Karnataka, where it says that they were paid Rs 2,000 to cut hair.

The story says that a silk cutter, who claims to have lost his job in India after his employer tried to cut him, told the author he could make the silk hair with an iron and said he would do it for free.

“The person who had cut my hair in Kolkata has said he will do it again,” the article says.

The author says the worker who cut the hair was “sad and angry”.

“It was very sad to hear, and to think that it happened,” he said.

He also said he had spoken to a man who claimed he had worked at a silk printer for about 20 years.

The paper has since removed the story.