Indian silk robe and garnett silky jacket for men, a silk and gold motif

The Indian garment industry has a long history of incorporating motifs from ancient times.

But this is a time of changing times, with many companies now focusing on creating innovative patterns that are timeless and versatile.

Read MoreOn the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Indian silk and garmet industry, here are our favourites.

This piece is from the Rana Yatra, the epic journey of a royal family through India and Bangladesh.

This is a beautiful and timeless kungfu masterclass from Kungfu school in Japan. 

A great kungfu belt is the ultimate accessory for the martial arts practitioner.

A stunning gingham silk robe from Sophia Singer. 

This is one of our favourite soul-shaped kong kong pants from Yongfeng School in Taiwan. 

It’s an excellent piece for your winter collection. 

An elegant silk garter belt from Lorac School. 

Another great piece from Chennai School, L.A.


Gothic and Gothic inspired patterns are great for dressing up. 

One of our favourites is this pale pink gown from Chiang Mai School in Thailand. 

These are fantastic, functional, and elegant pieces to wear with a silk scarf. 

We love how the cute pink garden from Shanghai School  has this hearty look. 

The lacquer and glass motifs of Soho School come together beautifully in this hanging candle inspired pendant. 

If you’re looking for a bit more of a casual look, this slightly weird satin corset from Hangzhou School is a fantastic choice.

A classic black silk silk dress from Rio de Janeiro School takes this look a step further. 

I like the dramatic patterns of this marvelous camel skirt from Maoi School from Hong Kong. 

Fashion is in the air and the style of the silk and linen patterns is perfect for a casual evening dress. 

 You can’t go wrong with this elegant, contemporary sock pattern from Tungkalan Schools. 

Lovely and practical for a springtime stroll. 

There are plenty of pieces that can be worn by the masses, but we love the sophisticated and romantic design of this cotton and silk patterned blouse. 

Handsome and simple, this floral beaded crotch-top is the perfect accessory for a formal evening.

A very cute and simple dress from Mozambique School has a lovely and romantic motif. 

What’s a little bit different is the lace on the bodice, which makes it more gothic than traditional, but it still manages to be chic. 

With a little effort, you can make this couple of bridesmaid dresses look fabulous, as these sizes are perfect for an elegant wedding. 

Great for the romantic evening. 

Beautiful, contemporary, modern, and classy. 

Here are some of our most favourite pieces of silk and silk-silk accessories. 

Somewhat unusual but really cool and wonderful. 

From the Kokugikan School of China, this lovely and classic kung-fu masterpiece is a wonderful piece to wear for the wedding reception.

A beautiful and modern kung fu masterpiece from Taiwan School captures the spirit of the times. 

Inspired by the classic Chinese martial art, this gilded silk and leather kung fong is a great piece for a romantic evening out. 

Perfect for the formal weds or even a romantic dinner out.

Another unique kung fa, from Hong Kong School! 

This exquisite silk garmette has a modern design that is a bit on the more formal side. 

Looking to a little more style and a touch of glamour?

Check out this stunning silk dress.