‘Mystery man with silk hat is a mystery’

The mystery man with a hat and a silver necklace has become a worldwide sensation.

It was spotted in China on Wednesday and it was quickly tweeted and retweeted around the world.

The man with the hat, who was spotted wearing a black silk hat and gloves, was spotted at the end of a busy street in Shenzhen, a major industrial city in eastern China.

It took some time to get the story out to the public, with many asking if it was a hoax.

The woman who was wearing the hat told ABC News that it was actually a real person and not a celebrity.

“I have never seen anyone with silk hats before and I have not seen anyone wearing silk hats in China,” she said.

The mystery man has since been described as a Chinese citizen, which is something that has been hotly debated on social media.

The story also prompted a backlash from many people who claimed the hat was fake.

“Silk hair is very expensive, it is very hard to find and can be quite expensive,” one person wrote on Weibo.

“He has not had any silk hair for more than a month.”

The man in the hat is said to be wearing a silver bracelet which was later reported to be a fake.

The hat is being investigated by police in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.