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Steelers and Jets to use Silk Milk in NFL-themed face masks

Steelers and Jets players will be using a new product in their preseason games: silk milk.Steelers head coach Mike... Read More

Why I hate the silk stalkers

I have never been a fan of silk stalks.It’s not only a boring, boring, repetitive fabric, but it’s a... Read More
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How to get silky silk and the secret of its longevity

Now Playing: The best of 2016 and beyond Now Playing, the best games of 2016 Now Playing – Nintendo... Read More

How to make a silk shirt from scratch

The Silk Labo line of underwear from the UK’s renowned luxury lingerie brand is coming to the US, but... Read More
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Black silk dress is a fashion trend for silk dressers

King-size silk dresses are a fashionable trend.King-sized silk dresses can be worn by anyone from young and old, with... Read More
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How to get the perfect silk sheets

By the time a silk-screened silk-sheet gown is ready for delivery, it can look stunning.But what about the look... Read More

How to get the most out of Redditors in your life

I’ve been posting here for a while, but I want to make it clear that my goal is not... Read More
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How to make silk lingeries that last for years and make them your own

With an average lifespan of 2.5 years, silk lingerys are an affordable option for men.But the benefits of silk... Read More