Why I don’t wear silk masks in Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic

I have always thought I was immune to the effects of the coronaviruses, I think it is all in my genes.

I was born in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, in 1963 and I am a loyal and patriotic Australian.

When I was young, my mother was a nurse and we had a house in the suburb of Griffith.

I went to primary school and it was a lovely time, it was good.

It was an era of social change.

I remember the kids were all wearing white gloves and we would walk in and the school was in lockdown.

There were two teachers in the school, but they had gloves on their hands.

The children would go to the playground, there were playground balls.

I think they were wearing white ones too.

They were wearing gloves, but I didn’t know why.

I just thought it was normal for children to be in school and play, and that was that.

It didn’t matter to me whether it was blue or red, white or black. I didn