The Silk Group Has Just Launched Its Own Silk Cream – So I’m Feeling Kind Of Bored

In this episode of MTV News, we talk to the creators of the Silk Group about their latest creation: a creamy silky almond cream that’s as soft as silk.

And as for how the cream came about, Silk founder and CEO Sarah Burdick tells us: “We’re just thrilled that everyone loves silky.

And because silky is good for us, we thought it was time to create something that was also silky.”

The Silk Group is a company that offers an array of handmade, eco-friendly products, including silks, silk and other luxurious materials.

Their products range from handmade items to eco-conscious fabrics and eco-branded items.

Silk is best known for its eco-fabrics and eco chic fashion, and its signature products include a line of eco-priced silk and silk-blend products, silk underwear and other eco-fashion items.

Silk Group is not the first to bring its own silky creams.

In 2016, American designer Lauren Mayfield launched her own line of silky-pajamas, which she also co-founded with her husband, Sean Mayfield.

She told BuzzFeed News at the time: “Our mission is to create silky products that are made with love, love, and care and are available for everyone to enjoy.”

Silk is also known for offering a range of eco chic apparel, including t-shirts and hoodies.

The group launched the Silk Collection in 2019 and offers a wide range of fashion items that range from eco-oriented items to more conventional items like yoga pants and other wearable products.