This designer silk scarf is a great fit for a designer with a soft heart

A new designer silk sweater with a little extra flair makes a lovely addition to your closet, even if it doesn’t fit well for you.

The new Silk Scarf has a lace collar and the sleeves are made of silk.

The lace collar is so soft it’s a little hard to find it in stores.

But the sleeves, which are a soft and fluffy silk fabric, are a nice touch.

Silk Scarves can be purchased at stores like Nordstrom and Sephora for $25, and it’s available in a variety of sizes.

The Silk Scarfs are currently on sale at Nordstrom, Sephors, and Macy’s.

We also found this silk scarf in an online sale for $27 at Nordys website. 

The silk scarf isn’t the only design that features a soft, fluffy fabric.

We found these designer silk masks covids at Sephor for $21. 

We can’t decide if this silk wool scarf is for me or if it’s for the ladies, but it’s definitely a design that will look great on you and the ladies you know. 

Check out the new Silk scarf in a different size and color in the video above.