Steelers and Jets to use Silk Milk in NFL-themed face masks

Steelers and Jets players will be using a new product in their preseason games: silk milk.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin announced on Monday that the team will be rolling out a new, NFL-inspired face mask that mimics the look of a real, real-life silk pillow.

The Silk Milk face mask will be available at game days and on game days for $5.49 per month, according to Tomlin.

Steeler defensive end Vince Wilfork said he likes the idea of wearing a face mask while wearing a silk pillow, saying, “It’s like, ‘Oh, this is just like the real thing.'”

The new face mask mimics how players feel in a silk silk pillow that is made from silk, a synthetic material that is lightweight, flexible and strong.

The silk fabric allows for a lightweight, soft feel, and allows for the absorption of moisture from the skin.

The product is not designed to prevent colds or other illnesses, but instead it will be used to mask the symptoms of such conditions as fatigue, skin irritations, and flu-like symptoms, according the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“When we have players wearing a mask that feels really, really good, we try to make sure it also provides protection for our players,” Tomlin said.

“When you wear a mask, it’s all about not losing any of your normal senses.

When you wear it, you’re able to absorb all of that.”

Silk milk is a blend of protein, water and silk, and has been used by humans for thousands of years.

It was invented by the Chinese, who have been producing silk for centuries.

It is typically used in hand sanitizer to protect the skin from germs, but in modern times it has been widely used for its health benefits.