Why Samsung’s $1,000 Silk Raccoon is worth it for the price

Apple, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to go after Samsung’s products.It’s worth noting that Apple has been actively... Read More
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Indian silk robe and garnett silky jacket for men, a silk and gold motif

The Indian garment industry has a long history of incorporating motifs from ancient times.But this is a time of... Read More

How to wear a silk scarf in Australia

A silk scarf is not the same as a traditional robe.Instead, it’s a light, comfortable, and lightweight garment that... Read More
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Why you shouldn’t wear silk bathrobe

It might look fancy, but the silk bathrobes you buy are not meant to be washed or washed often.That’s... Read More

How to wear silk and silk ribbons in a skirt

A scarf top and a silk bra make up this look for silkier women.If you are looking for a... Read More